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1.The shopping paradise China
2.Options to Buy Good Quality Promotional Gifts from China Wholesalers
3.Essential to Know about Shipping Products from Shenzhen, China to USA
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5.How can Customized Promotional Gifts improve my advertising?

Wholesale Dropship Promotional Gifts - Drop Ship Wholesale Products from China

At oneinhundred.com, you'll find that Wholesale Dropship is a great system that enables you to make money by sourcing hot electronic gadgets directly from the low cost source in China. Normally, when you buy China Products from wholesalers, you have to buy in large quantities Customized with your logo. But with dropship wholesaler oneinhundred.com, you get low prices even on small quantities. oneinhundred.com was the first ever China wholesaler to offer small-quantity, wholesale-priced Promotional products for dropship directly to worldwide addresses. We Accept Mixed Orders of Customized products with your Logo Imprinted.

Wholesale Products Direct From China! How to buy?

Wholesale Products Direct From China enables you to pay less for and make money. Most wholesalers will require you to buy a mini order to qualify for a wholesale price. Some wholesalers will ship the items you buy to your customers, which keeps you from having to have store the until you sell them. Most require you to take delivery of the Wholesale from China at the time of purchase. 4 Steps:
1.Select the type of Promotional Gifts that you want.
2.Locate a Promotional Gifts wholesaler, such as oneinhundred.com.
3.Determine a budget.
4.Enter into a contract with oneinhundred.com.

China Products

Why Buy Customized Products from China? Many people say that China's price advantage has been lost. In fact, this point was too early. Since the reform and opening up since 1980, China's economy has achieved great development, In the supply chain facilities, raw materials, auxiliary, transport and logistics, economies of scale, etc., for a long time in the future China will remain a comprehensive cost advantage. China's demographic dividend gradually disappear, However, China is the world's hard-working people in other countries can not be compared, China remains the world's relatively low labor cost countries. Future Chinese product quality is more superior. Good quality and cheap price, short delivery time, why not buy them from China ??oneinhundred.com offer you cheap price and custom with your LOGO.

Wholesale Products - How to Buy Customized Products at wholesale price from china ?

Personalized(Customized) Products Direct From China are a relatively inexpensive way to advertise a business or organization. People like free gifts, so the more gifts you give out, the more people your business name could potentially reach.
1.Set a budget for your Personalized(Customized) pen order.
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Are Customized products an inexpensive but lasting promotional product?

Choose brightly-colored Wholesale products from China with a real message to make them last inyour customer's mind. Come on, you know everybody uses! That's why you see somany of them imprinted with a company name and logo. promotional products areinexpensive, and since people are always losing them, they are the perfect quickbut lasting giveaway.
Recommend Promotional Products
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    Magic Message - Blue - Magic message fan puts your name or message up in lights.

  •                (4/4)

    Wallet size magnifier/credit card holder with 3x magnification.

  •                (0/0)

    Brush and comb set for babies.

  •                (0/0)

    Cape May Sling Collection - Ultra high back two seat glider that is clean, smart-looking and stylish.

  •                (0/0)

    Nylon barrel bag 10" x 18", imported.

  •                (4/3)

    Plaza - Metal business card holder.

  •                (4/8)

    12 oz. - Paper cup, hot or cold.

  •                (4/4)

    1GB - Credit card pen drive with USB flash memory.

  •                (0/0)

    Blue - Radio with LED light, ear buds and belt clip.

  •                (0/0)

    Premium weight earband with knit-in logo.

  •                (4/2)

    Sailor - Sling backpack in 600 denier polyester/PVC with drawstring top.

  •                (4/4)

    Light inflatable life ring.

  •                (0/0)

    Chestnut full grain calf skin Primo leather credit card case, 4" W x 3 1/8" L.

  •                (0/0)

    Satin - 50' - Anodized external halyard with increased wall thickness and/or butt diameter.

  •                (0/0)

    Tarnish proof silver plated cigar cutter.

  •                (5/1)

    Yellow - Multi sunglass clip snaps onto car visor.

  •                (0/0)

    Salisbury - Golf divot watch with clip to attach to belt loop or golf bag.

  •                (0/0)

    Kids bike.

  •                (0/0)

    Acrylic watch hat.

  •                (4/1)

    Promoter - Round pencil with a black band that symbolizes high quality, double-bonded lead.