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Determine the strategy to market promotional gifts

Promotional gifts are innovative ideas of marketing for enterprises in order to generate higher sales volume, increase corporate image and achieve extensive public awareness. Literally, the global market is quite besieged with different types of promotional items starting form pens, coffee mugs, and notepads to even T-shirts or luxurious toys. One, associated with promotional item sales, is required to distinguish the self to remain in competition. In fact, there are three important aspects like cost, product and concept that influence a gift item. Here are some tips for you to become successful in promotional item sales.

·        Generate samples of all your promotional items. These may be as simple as pens, paper-weights or notepads; keep in mind that even with a very simple item you can gain you customer’s mind if you are systematic and go by ideas. Use your company logo and start contacting varied customers to promote your promotional goods as well as services.

·        Make your own target to begin. Start sending introductory letter along with an elegant item sample accompanied by your business card to your target audiences. Introduce yourself politely and professionally requesting to try your excellent services while do not forget to mention as to how you are different from others. When meeting personally, in absence of the contact person, you can leave sample with the receptionist and get the contact number for future communication.

·        Follow up the decision-maker and confirm if he/she has received the item and enquire their planning for promotional gifts. You may find they are looking for some customized item like special executive folder or calendar for some important event or conference.

·        Get their specification, generate from the market and send the specific sample. Offer special discounts based on the quantities. If you get the order, make sure to convey your gratitude by meeting personally to the executive as well as the company while try for referrals too.

·        Keep on contacting your clients at least one in three months for just a gentle reminder. Add new concepts and offer sample to your client. If you can offer exclusive ideas, none can beat you. Mind the market is moving on concepts whereas promotional gifts are nothing but a marketing concept to boost your business.

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