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The shopping paradise China

If anyone enquires you the name of a country that meets buyers' desire most, you can blindly utter the name of China. Affluent with extensive range of unusual as well typical products, China is not going to make you disappointed. Whether you look for wonderful mementos for your beloved, relatives or friends, business products like Chinese silk, antiques, calligraphy, or tea or jewellery related products including pearls or jade, you will find them all here!

Things to remember when shopping in China

If you move to China and intend to buy Chinese products, the best places for you include Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Shenzhen, Lhasa and obviously Hong Kong, the city identified as the Shopping Paradise to travellers worldwide. It is to be noticed that these cities have some unique items and buying respective item from here enables you to find wide varieties. For instance, while Shanghai is famous for jade, Guilin can make the artists amazed with its elaborate scroll paintings. If you are looking for good suppliers of silk items or tea Suzhou or Hangzhou are the ideal places for you.  To get full information, take help of China Guide to make your buying interesting, worthwhile and exciting. While most shops remain open from 9:00am to 7:00pm, if you like to experience the buying thrill at night, hop into the Night Market that remains open till midnight or even the whole night. It should be noted that depending upon the season, business hours could change.  

While buying, you can utilize most credit cards including Master, Visa, JCB, Diners Club or American Express and so on. In majority of big Chinese departmental stores there cards are warmly accepted. However, to deal with street vendors, you need cash. When trying in small shops carry on bargaining and ensure flawless marketing. It is wise to ask for cash memo or receipt. Restoring valid voucher is important as it enables you to return item if found faulty. Never forget to retain such vouchers because at the time of leaving China, in customs checking you are supposed to show your vouchers.

If you buy anything related to antiques, make sure that the item carries a wax-seal that signifies its authentication. In this context, please note antiques designed before 1795 are legally prohibited to be exported. Apart from this, certain items like jade carvings, cultural relics are also under export prohibition. Hence, whatever you purchase, make ascertain that it will be passed through Chinese Customs.


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